Join us for a fun, casual and relaxed evening with your classmates. They'll be plenty of time to share your life experiences, memories, pictures, stories from high school and the last 50 years.Participants are encouraged to bring memorabilia, pictures and most of all...  A smile.

We're still in the planning stages of the event, so your input as to what should be included in this evening is welcomed.
Hey, we're thinking, Motown sounds, open mic, Ted Talk, karaoke?? We'll even suffer through your China trip slide show with your genius and handsome grandchildren!
We're also planning a buffet style dinner service in order to give everyone a chance to move around and visit with everyone.  Menu TBA. 

And of course, there is no charge for the Friday night activities and perhaps other things in the works.

FAQ on the ticket price and other matters:
How did the committee arrive at the ticket price of $128?
The reunion committee started with an estimated attendance of 100 classmates. 
The hotel required an $8320 minimum for food and rental.
In establishing a budget for the entire weekend,we felt that $10,000 would cover everything.That amount was the bare minimum cost we could expect. $100 per person would give us no wiggle room for any extra expenses such as table decorations, music, and attendance give aways.  Addressing that concern, a $120 per person price was established. There is also a combined 6.25% service charge and credit card processing charge. $128 covers that extra fee portion of the transaction. The guest ticket price of $86 includes the base charge of $80.00 plus fees. We will gladly accept checks and you can deduct the fees. 
What will happen should attendance exceed our expectations and we have money left over?
As we have done in years past, we will donate the extra funds to selected worthy causes that will benefit the school or student programs. 
Your input on this issue is certainly welcome. 
What if a classmate cannot attend because their financial situation puts the ticket price beyond their ability to pay?
If you know of any classmates who wish to attend the reunion, but are not presently in a position to pay for their ticket, please reach out to a committee member. We have set aside funds and we have a plan in place to cover these circumstances. 
All requests and names will be kept confidential.
I would like to help by making a donation. 
Whether you are attending or not, of course we welcome your donations to defer our costs of the event. Should we have left over funds after the weekend, we will put them to good use by distributing them among worthy HWLHS scholarship, alumni, or school related projects. Please submit your donation on our Donation page

May I pay by check and avoid paying the service charge fees?
Yes, we accept checks.
Classmate only: $120.00
Guest Ticket: $80.00
Please mail checks to:
Ladue Class of 1968
1257 N. Warson Rd.
St. Louis, Mo 63132